Service Request Sr-Kf-013

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Service Request SR-kf-013
Dale Parent, Katie Miller and Joel Arthur
BSA 375
Monday September 2, 2013
John Maloney

Service Request SR-kf-013
According to Kudler Fine Foods internet site (2013), “Kudler Fine Foods is a local upscale specialty food store located in the San Diego metropolitan area. We have three locations (La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas). Each store has approximately 8,000 square feet of retail space located in a fashionable shopping center. We have the very best domestic and imported fare at every location” (Kudler Fine Foods). Kudler is implementing the new Frequent Shopper Program which will help the company to know their customers that frequently purchase and reward them with gifts for their loyalty. Team D will present the needed requirements to make this system benefit the company and the customers in the best way. Stakeholder Position

Kathy Kudler| President|
Brenda Wagner| Director Administration and Human Resources| Yvonne Reynolds| Director Store Operations|
Harvey Stephens| Director Finance and Accounting|
Computer Support Specialist| |
Accounting Clerk| |
Store Manager| |

Project Scope
Kudler’s new Frequent Shopper Program is a loyalty point program that tracks customer purchases awarding loyalty points to customers by providing valuable incentives that can be redeemed through the rewards program on products or services. Price is not the primary objective for Kudler’s customers, their main focus for shopping at Kudler Fine Foods is the quality and specialized products that are not found at other stores, which is why the new loyalty program does not provide daily discounts. The basis of the loyalty program is to use the rates of each customer who returns to shop at Kudler Fine Foods and how much money is spent at each visit on specific products. Kudler Fine Foods loyalty program points can be saved and redeemed for the high end incentives Kudler’s is providing such as first-class airline upgrades, specialty foods, etc. The loyalty program is an electronic database that monitors, stores, reports and records purchases made by the customer that pertain to the loyalty program. The ability to track customers frequent purchases will benefit Kudler through the generation of reports showing new or seasonal product trends allowing for a prediction in future purchases throughout the year, which all increase revenue and sales. Objectives for the Frequent Shopper Program are the following: * Track customer frequent shopping

* Reward frequent buyers
* Keep customers loyalty
* Profitability increase
Determination of Requirements
The projects determination requirements are important to know in the service request for Kudler. The objective of a Service Request is to make new system for Kudler that through a Frequent Shopper Program will track customer purchases therefore allowing the customers to redeem loyalty points. To meet the goal specific analysis methods need to be identified that are used to determine user needs. The basic process of analysis involves three steps: * Business Process Automation – understanding the existing situation * Business Process Improvements – identify the improvements * Business Process Reengineering – define the requirements The First step, Business Process Automation is geared toward knowing the as-is situation of the current system. First the analyst needs to determine the current situation in Kudler “Problem Analysis”; right now the as-is issue is to increase more sales. How can we make the customer shop more in Kudler? After finding out the problem the next step is to find the nature of the problem “Root Cause Analysis” Root Cause Analysis focuses on the issue of the problem not the solution. The root causes in Kudler as a gourmet store is having perishable foods with a short shelf life. To avoid losing profit Kudler need to sell products that customer wants to buy. If...

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