Bsa/310 Week 2 Assignment

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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
Kudler Fine Foods is a very popular food store located at different parts of California. The main objective of the store is to have profit maximization by providing quality products at appropriate prices in comparison to the other competitors. Through this objective, the store wants to have significant growth. The company now wants to expand its services by improving the efficiency of its operations. It also wants to increase the loyalty and profitability of its consumers by increasing the consumer purchase cycle. Now Kudler Fine Foods wants to expand its business through the utilization of a Frequent Shopper Program. The Frequent Shopper program is currently in design with a working high-level model up for proposal.

Doing the business through Electronic Commerce, Kudler Fine Foods has to consider several legal considerations in the development of its Frequent Shopper Program. Electronic contracts for online business transaction are legally bound all over the world. There are several Legal Considerations in the E-commerce which are as follow: According to the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations, an opt-in consent procedure is required for making commercial emails and e-commerce (Develop an e-marketing Plan).

According to the Information Principle, the business organizations are required to verify specific information about their business which it wants to provide to the recipient on the online service to the E-Commerce Regulations.

The business organizations have to make their advertising and promotion strategies according to the guidelines of the E-Commerce Regulations.

For the approval of an online order, the business organizations are required to have physical signatures.

For the E-Commerce the business organizations have to consider the taxation laws of the Native Country.

All the customers who want to make business contracts online should be provided the facility of printing and...
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