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I. Introduction
1) I am _____ and I am from Hong Kong. I am an exchange student here and I will be staying here for one semester. 2) How I have changed in the last one month
3) I have been here for about a month and I would like to tell you all about my changes 4) Question: How many strangers do you talk to each day?
For me: When I was in Hong Kong, its zero!
II. Body
1) I was so shy
a. The first day I was in Oklahoma
i. A random person said ‘How are you doing?’
ii. I couldn’t react and then I pretended that I couldn’t hear him iii. I was so shocked that a stranger talked to me
iv. I was scared to approach strangers
b. My culture
v. People in Hong Kong seldom talk to strangers
vi. Its not because people aren’t friendly, this is our culture vii. We try to remain silence to avoid offending the others c. My changes
viii. I started to understand the American culture
ix. I got used to talk to strangers
x. I am less shy
xi. I feel so happy to stay here
xii. People love to talk
xiii. I feel warmth when talking to strangers
2) I was so dependent
d. The first few days in OU
xiv. I didn’t meet a lot of friends
xv. I didn’t even want to eat alone
xvi. I didn’t want to go out and buy groceries alone e. My culture
xvii. We could hardly see people eating in a restaurant alone xviii. People would rather stay at home if no one accompany them xix. We try to depend on each other
f. My changes
xx. I learnt how to be independent, I don’t rely on the others xxi. I do housework, I clean the apartment, do the laundry xxii. Sometimes I feel so good spending sometime with myself xxiii. I don’t think it’s a problem to eat alone or go out alone III. Conclusion

1) Although it has been for only a...
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