Self Development

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1.0 Introduction.
Peter Drucker (1955) postulates that “Development is always self-development. Nothing could be more absurd than for the enterprise to assume responsibility for the development of a man. The responsibility rests with the individual, his abilities, his efforts”.

In essence, in the eyes of a manager, the quote from Drucker boils down simply to “What self- development do I need?” What necessary knowledge and skills do I need, and what standards do I need to set for myself? Successful managers do not take success for granted; they are mindful of the importance of continual change and the importance of searching for new ways and ideas to accomplish tasks. Self development advances and even extends their career life.

Mumford 1993 sees self –development as forming part of an effective management development system. As a manager, when looking at self development, the main question that should be asked is the question asked by Drucker. What contribution should I be making, and what skills and knowledge do I require to be most effective?

2.0 What is Self Development?
Simply put, self – development is personal development which can be used to aid the organization in achieving goals and objectives. The individual involved takes full control and responsibility for their learning and opts for the best means to accomplish this. In essence, self- development can mean different things which include the following.

❖ Enhancing performance in the existing job.
❖ Advancing your career.
❖ Developing specific skills and qualities.
❖ Accomplishing full potential as an individual.

Stansfield (1997) posits that self-development requires some time, patience, careful planning, persistence and slight adjustments.

3.0 Perspectives on Self Development.
Many theorists have different perspectives on the issue of self development.

❖ Mc Gregor (1960) in his Theory Y states that people seek self – development,...
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