Self Confidence for Effective Communication

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COMMUNICATION is the process by which we exchange meanings, facts, ideas, opinions or emotions with other people. It is an essential condition of our existence and the most important activity of ours. The word ‘communicare’ that means to ‘share’ or ‘participate’.

It is, therefore, first and foremost, a social activity.

Communication is a vibrant two way activity. Intially people considered that communication as an art and believed that it can be effectively carried out only by certain faction of the community now the market space has become global and the people in different countries feel that they are living in a global village because they can able to communicate with any person in any country.

The process of communication consists of six steps.

1. ideation

2. encoding

3. transmission

4. receiving

5. decoding

6. acting

Components of communication process

The sender : the developer of the idea and the intiator of the communication process

The receiver: the person / group supposed to get benefited by the message

The message : the content of the communication

The medium : the method of passing on information

The code : the system of signs or sounds used

The channel : sound waves or light waves

Interference : Noise which can affect transmission of information

Feed back : information on how information was received

Context : framework in which communication takes plave

Below figure shows the communication model

Self confidence is an essential variable to interpersonal communication. There is a difference between self confidence and shyness. People who lack confidence don't believe in their opinion and often feel it is inappropriate to share or converse with others. They tend to feel alone, that no one understands them, or fear that they will be laughed at by peers.

Self-confidence is. an essential interpersonal variable for effective communication. The literary meaning of the word “self-confidence’ is trust or belief in one’s confidence. It is a belief and faith in one’s own ability to speak. The manager when he is communicating a piece of information gives in the belief that he is transmitting messages in such a way that the receiver receives it and understands the message. In other words, the communicator must have a great deal of trust in oneself’ or in one’s own power of communication.

Oral communication is more than a physical process. It has also psychological aspects like establishing justification, developing confidence, etc.Self-confidence is one thing to speak about the message and quite another thing to have confidence and preserve the same throughout the communication process with the greatest of vigilance and care. One has to be self-trusted and strong mind to exchange one’s message in an understandable manner. There are so many temptations around us and it is always possible that the cares and worries of the organizational problems continuously a person and haunts, opportunities go astray.

It is, therefore, far simpler to follow a crooked way than stay constantly in the right track. The weak and the vacillating will hardly make the grade of the man with a good conduct as they are to fall victims to some appealing situations. The weakminded managers are generally dazzled by the glamour and color of experience tasks. In course of time, however, the inevitable is bound to happen and the weak people become converted to the ways of their experienced comparisons.

Self-confidence is the most important characteristic as an essential interpersonal variable for effective communication. Mental qualities find their highest manifestation in self-confidence. With trust and belief a person can communicate more effectively. The old proverb says, “where there is a will, there is a way.” Similarly, where there is self-confidence, there would be good communication. It is an art and craft...
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