Sch31 Promote Communication

Topics: Message, Nonviolent Communication, Communication Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: March 15, 2013
SHC 31, promote communication in health and social care or children’s and young people’s settings.. Lo 1.1 an identification of the different reasons people communicate. Communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information. By speech, signals, writing or behaviour. We communicate to form bonds, help others, share feelings.. In setting forming bonds is important, you as a practitioner need to be approachable for children, parent/carers and staff. Parents need to feel their children are being well looked after, they need to be able to tell the practitioner/ keyworker about their child and any private matters relevant to the care provided for the child. It is important for staff in setting to feel they can approach you about a child, policies, and activities also private situations. It is extremely important for children to feel they can approach a keyworker or other staff in the setting. To enable children to learn effectively and improve their communication they need to feel comfortable about expressing themselves. Communicating is important in settings, it is part of the job role and as a practitioner you would be expected to communicate with; Visitors, to answer their questions, show them around the setting, explain what care you provide and also explaining the daily routine. Parent/carers; to inform them of their Childs progress, discuss planning and areas of learning that need to be progresses, tell them about their Childs day, what activities he/she has enjoyed or tried, any information on meals or sleeps. Parent/carers may need to communicate with keyworkers to discuss milestones or special requirements and to pass messages or any changes to child’s health, eating or sleeping habits. As a practitioner communicating with staff/students is also important, messages may need to be passed on in a changeover manor, in order to provide professional care in the setting. Communication is needed to prevent missing children, to ensure all special...
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