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L301 Communicate Effectively at the Direct Leadership Level Quiz

Which of the following is the type of listening frequently referred to when teachers and managers criticize “poor” listening? Content Listening
Which of the following is a very basic kind of listening involving little more than hearing and a recognition that some noise has come to you?Reflex listening
Communication that enables you to communicate with and know yourself better describes which target of communication? Intra-personal
Which of the following types of listening includes active listening? RELATIONAL Listening
“You cannot NOT Communicate” is which principle of transactional communication? First
According to AR 25–50, the goal of all Army correspondence is effective communication.
What are the two essential requirements for good Army writing? (Select all that apply)
Good Army writing is concise, organized, and straight to the point. It meets two essential requirements, putting the main point at the beginning of the correspondence and using the active voice.
The standard English sentence order is subject–verb–object. How does this facilitate clarity and ease of communication for the reader? Standard English sentence order subject-verb-object speeds communication and helps the reader understand the main point.
Sentences can be written in active and passive voice. Passive
PFC Thomas broke the window. Active
The window was broken by PFC Thomas. Passive
The window was broken. Passive
SGT Smith counseled PFC Johnson. Active
The SOP was written by the commander. Passive
PVT Jones is being sent on sick call by SGT Baker. Passive
SSG Green was reenlisted and given the day off by the commander. Passive
SPC Johnson went before the promotion board. Active
The orders were sent by a courier. Passive
Which are the three parts of the modified block style format? The modified block style format has three parts consisting of the heading, the body, and the closing.
How many words

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