Selecting Patient Escorts

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City Hospital is known for treating renowned patients such as pro football players, movie stars, top executives, etc. Thus the hospital wants to strive and maintain their image through outstanding customer service and conduct. City hospital offers individuals an employment position within the organization as a patient escort. Patient escorts are simply needed to move patients from one place to another. Lately, the hospital has experienced an increase of patient escort complaints from its patients. While the job is a simple one the position is critical to the reputation of the hospital, since the escort is the last person patients see before they are discharged from the hospital. There are 40 patient escorts. However, turnover among patient escorts are high and some of the escorts typically transfer to other jobs within the hospital. Therefore, about fifty percent of the escorts need to be replaced annually. The hospital follows a standard procedure when hiring patient escorts. The HR department reviews the files of the applicants, selects two or three for an interview and requires a physical exam upon hiring. Afterwards new escorts attend an orientation followed by on-the-job training from their immediate supervisor.

The problem with the patient escorts is during the last two years there have been a lot of complaints from patients about escort behavior. Some complained of being treated rudely and roughly. Patients couldn’t remember the names of the escorts and administrators couldn’t address them about their behaviors. The next step was to find a way to alter the hiring process in order to eliminate the hiring of rude, insulting, or careless patient escorts. Relevant laws, HR practices, issues, and alternatives

Finding a candidate that meets basic criteria’s such as education background and wanted work experience is only half of what’s needed to hire a productive employee, that’s why today’s organizations have created an gamut of ways to...
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