Understanding the Patient Intake Process

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Understanding the Patientp. 2
Understanding the Patient Intake Process
Healthcare just like any other type of service industry is reliant on possessing satisfied clientele. A sound billing process begins with having an efficient and effective patient intake process, as well as with tracking each patient's information throughout each office visit. This ensures that patients receive the medical services they need and that they're billed appropriately for those services. If the intake process lacks organization then there will be an increase in the amount of time a patient is spent waiting to see a provider this leads to unsatisfied patients, and a reduction in the number of patients a provider treats. Evaluating a medical office's entire process, from patient check-in through patient exam and follow-up, is extremely important to establishing and maintaining an efficient system. A smooth patient check-in is essential to meeting the needs of each patient in an orderly fashion. Front-desk staff members need to initiate a patient charge for each patient. In addition to other information, the patient's insurance policy and policy number should be listed on the form, if the patient has health insurance. A copy of the patient charge sheet is then attached to each patient's medical record. The patient charge sheet should follow each patient through his or her office visit. A nurse brings the sheet when escorting a patient to an examining room. The nurse will then record initial findings on the sheet, such as the patient's current weight and blood pressure readings; along with the reason the patient is seeing the physician. The nurse leaves the sheet in the examining

Understanding the Patientp. 3
room for the physician to read. The physician will also record information about the patient's condition on the sheet after examining the patient and then, after completing the patient's exam, will return the sheet to the front desk....

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