Healthcare Interview

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Healthcare Interview

Tyreek Nieves


February 3, 2013
Crystal Frankart
University of Phoenix

Healthcare Interview

This paper is based on a conducted interview of a licensed employee of Larkin Community Hospital. This paper will include an overview of Larkin Community Hospital. It will describe the targeted department, type of work conducted in this department, and specific information that makes it unique. Furthermore, this paper will describe all responsibilities in care and will consist of questions answered by the interviewee.

Overview of Larkin Community Hospital
Larkin Community Hospital severed as a general hospital for those patients who in need of surgical and medical care. Larking Community is a physician-owned, acute care in bed hospital accredited by Joint Commissions. In this facility, patients will have safest and compressive care at its best quality. This facility offers a variety of services which include bariatric care, cardiology, dental care, emergency care, family practice, memory disorders, occupational health, outpatient and inpatient care, podiatry and foot, pulmonary care, mental health, surgery, and healing. It accommodates residential patients who suffer from physical or mental disabilities. As part of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, it teaches healthcare professionals of all aspects of care by monitoring and reviewing all healthcare decisions. The hospital will also implement and implement policies to ensure regulatory compliance is in order in regards to residents. Targeted Department

The targeted department is the section where patients need more assistance; this is what makes facility different from the rest. In this section, resident assistance is available all hours of the day. All of the employees are trained to provide adequate care. All resident aids are first aid and CPR certified. Resident aids are available to provide ambulatory care when need for the patient....
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