HCS 446 Week 4 Facility Planning Floor Plan

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Facility Planning Floor Plan
Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs
Facility Planning
HCS 446
Terrie Rill
August 31, 2014
Facility Planning Floor Plan
The process of designing a new floor plan for the family medicine clinic is arduous and detail oriented. This student is fortunate enough to have been included in the design vetting project with other employees to help design the future state of Centura Health and how patients will access health and wellbeing services. This student is seeing the vision brought forth by many implemented in the new designs being used while building new and remodeling established floor plans. This student designed a new family medicine clinic for the floor plan assignment. Reason you selected the floor plan you designed

The reason this student chose the family care clinic attached to the main hospital is due to the recent change in positions the student has made to the Family Medicine Residency Program. The knowledge this student is learning about the process for moving a family medicine clinic has lent a new appreciation for the process involved in only one small aspect of the entire planning, building, and moving process. The new floor plan that is at St. Anthony North Hospital is the inspiration for this student’s floor plan. This floor plan is part of the hospital yet functions as a separate office area from the hospital. This student’s thought behind an attached family medicine clinic to the hospital is that the hospital will be able to utilize the clinic as an urgent care option instead of overwhelming the emergency department with non-emergent patients. The clinic supports the hospital and the hospital supports the clinic with the cross flow of patients between departments. This new floor plan for the clinic does not have designated office space for all the physicians and the medical assistants. The idea is that there is not any grounding space for the medical staff to stop and gather but to continue to offer...
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