Seeker of Knowledge

Topics: Universe, The Seekers, Legend of the Seeker Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: July 5, 2013
The Path of a Seeker of Knowledge.

Everyone has a path in life even if they don’t know they do. Some of us strive to be stronger, some smarter, and some simply a better understanding of the world around us. A seeker of knowledge is the path I walk. A seeker of knowledge is simply someone who wants to know the who, where, what, when, why, and how of everything. Gathering knowledge leads to a better understanding of the world. There is no end to learning. Once the seeker has gained sufficient knowledge, they will make wondrous teachers. “The passing of knowledge has been a tradition and natural instinct since the beginning of time. From simple acts of a mother animal teaching her young to survive in the wild to a professor, mentor, or shaman passing their knowledge, wisdom, and abilities onto a younger generation of individuals.” These things include secrets of the universe, the great arts, mathematics, etc. All the way down to simple information about herbs and basic healing.

The path I walk is constantly changing. Old knowledge is reclaimed, while new knowledge is constantly found and created. Seekers must be willing to ask the hard questions by delving into places that most wouldn’t venture .Once knowledge is gained it can then passed along to the next generation thus ensuring the knowledge will not be forgotten. Knowledge , unlike many things, never dies it is just lost in time and what most call development, waiting for the time it will need to be called on again. It is the task of the seeker to help preserve that knowledge because a world without knowledge that is preserved and passed along is doomed to failure. The world isn’t just black and white. “The seeker must delve into the grey area , where knowledge in its purest form resides.” The ease of access to information has greatly changed since the olden days. Back when your circle of knowledge would generally encompass an area of fifty miles or so depending on your form of travel. Now with just a...
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