Psyc 4100

Topics: Mind, Causality, Soul Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Dear Diary 1

Dear Diary
Rhonda M. McCarthy
PSYC 4100 History and Modern Systems of Psychology
Professor Sanjay Paul

Dear Diary 2
I, Plato, do attest to my disdain for perception as a basis for knowledge. It is an affront and an insult to the superiority of the human mind! Notwithstanding, the mentioning of the political strife that besets my beloved city of Athens. I remain baffled by the neglect to and lack of understanding by my colleagues that recollection brings knowledge. I endeavored to press my way through a conversation yesterday in which I attempted to capture the attention of Dionysius. This endeavor was doomed from its origin and I chide myself for taking upon my visage such a burden. Was it not the case that you emerged from the womb of your dear mother clothed in your right mind; the innate quality of knowledge, I questioned him. His reply was unworthy of the use of my pen as it does more to uplift rational thinking. In an attempt to reach him I began to explain the true nature of my heart’s positioning on how one acquires a most precious of commodities to this earthly existence; knowledge. I shared with him the metaphysical doctrine of ideas, or preferably of forms as the unadulterated substance of reality. It was clear that he took umbrage when he dared to counter and insist that perception does a perfect work in bringing one closer to the state of knowledge. I was at that time compelled to present a strong argument for his pleasure so I began to speak rather earnestly. “Do you not possess a soul my brother? It is there that ideas rest forever in eternity, even permeating the universe and the God who is in command of it (Hunt, 2013). I continued to question him when I inquired as to how material objects can possibly achieve the like. I continued my verbal onslaught by stating: “Our souls partake of those eternal ideas; we bring them with us when we are born. When we see objects in the material...

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