Security Concern In SCADA

Topics: Security, Computer security, Information security Pages: 4 (929 words) Published: December 2, 2015

1.5. Security Concern
For any infrastructure or industry the most important part is it's security. Basically the prime target to secure the industry from physical attack. In electric power industry physical attack is shutdown, break down etc. In chemical industry physical attack is leaking of chemical etc. These kind of attacks is known as physical attacks. physical attacks are done by anybody like human error, computer system failure. Second type of attack is cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are done through computer. These kind of attacks are like to use of any industry's controller by third party (hackers). In recent more years, this kind of attacks are growing fast and terrorist groups, frustrated employees, hostile government use this attacks....

So this increased connectivity have advantages and also have disadvantages. SCADA works on real time information so it is allow to engineers and production managers to control and monitor the system at every point. If the network is secured, it is hard to monitor for anybody at every network point that's why it uses the unsecured network as well as internet. In which each device send the information to its local or remote controller through internet or its local network. According to this theory, anyone operate this system with full security because the entire system is...

With this risk factor is being high in SCADA. And for any SCADA system information is like a soul. Each and every functions are depends on information if the information being hacked or corrupt the whole system would be destroyed. A perfect example of public available information is electricity power industry. In electricity power industry open source of information such as product data, maps (showing line connection and interconnections that are currently being used), show the report about Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. All of information are publicly available via internet. Use of ready to action tools and free search tools are reduced the time. These tools to easily expose the identify of SCADA. And increase the risk of attacks. Internet facing systems have identify in some critical industries. In these industries this kind of system exist but few infrastructure has work and trust on local servers. But in internet facing system, these system were designed to allow remote access for monitoring and management. Remote access has configured with internet facing access (no firewall) or weak user name or password are rising the risk. And mostly these kind of information (default information) are available on manufacturer...
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