Aircraft Solution Design Security Assessment and Recommendations

Topics: Risk, Security, Vulnerability Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Security Assessment and Recommendation
Aircraft Solutions is a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of component products and services for companies in the electronics, commercial, defense, and aerospace industry. Based in Southern California, Aircraft Solutions has an excellent record of rendering services and employees that are dedicated to providing high quality customer service. The company’s workforce has a large skill base: design engineers, programmers, machinists, and assembly personnel to work in its enormous production plant and various segments of the industry. This assessment is to investigate weaknesses presented in the operations of the Aircraft Solutions business processes. Along with identifying vulnerabilities, an analysis of other related threats, concerns and risks will be presented. Vulnerability Assessment

After further review to three relevant sections: hardware, software and policy, Aircraft Solutions needs special attention to hardware and policy relates processes. The Defense Division is routed through Headquarters, the Commercial Division is however directly connected to the Internet, but no firewall has been setup. This action is a concern for Aircraft Solutions. A policy vulnerability that has been noticed is the rule that states “routers and firewalls rule-sets would be evaluated once in every two years”. With today’s world and technology changing ever so often security threats happen by Internet hackers, on an everyday basis. This is a rather impractical and long time span for a company to ensure that their security measures are up-to-date. These weaknesses are detailed in the sections below:

Hardware Vulnerability
Aircraft Solution’s Commercial Division, connects to the rest of the world via the Internet causing hardware vulnerabilities due to the absence of security and safety that should be implemented, leaving great concern for major security threats. The Commercial Division is only able to access important...
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