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Topics: Project management, Management, Risk management Pages: 8 (777 words) Published: January 3, 2015
Defense Logistics Information Services
A Department of the Defense Logistics Agency
Tom Fletcher, Dave Kobol, Alejandro, Aliue

Risk Assessment

1.1 Purpose
This plan documents the processes, tools and procedures that will be used to manage and control those events that could have a negative impact on DLIS. It’s the controlling document for managing and controlling all project risks. This plan will address: • Risk Identification

• Risk Assessment
• Risk Mitigation
• Risk Contingency Planning
• Risk Tracking and Reporting
Appendix A will present the risk impact assessment matrix and appendix B will present a sample of the risk register. 1.1 Introduction
With the development of computer networks, the spread of malicious network activities poses great risks to the operational integrity of many organizations and imposes heavy economic burdens on life and health. Agencies within and those that supports the federal government are particularly at substantial risk for cyber attacks. Therefore, risk assessments are very important for network security management and analysis. The DLIS systems that connect via LAN and WLAN with the DLA network will be within the scope of this assessment.   1.2 Scope

The scope includes the DLIS information systems and network. It also includes the personnel operating with the DLIS information systems and network. These personnel and upper management are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the recommendations made herein. Further, the boundaries include the DLIS information systems including the information stored digitally and transmitted within the network components. Critical areas are the web, databases and firewalls. 2 Roles and Schedule

2.2 Risk Responsibilities
The responsibility for managing risk is shared amongst all the stakeholders of the project. However, decision authority for selecting whether to proceed with mitigation strategies and implement contingency actions, especially those that have an associated cost or resource requirement rest with the Project Manager who is responsible for informing the funding agency to determine the requirement for a contract modification. The following tables details specific responsibilities for the different aspects of risk management. Risk Activity Responsibility

Risk Identification: All project stakeholders
Risk Registry: Project Manager
Risk Assessment: All project stakeholders
Risk Response Options Identification: All project stakeholders Risk Response Approval: PM with concurrence from CO/PO/COTR Risk Contingency Planning; Project Manager(s)
Risk Response Management; Project Managers
Risk Reporting; Project Manager

2.3 Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the act of determining the probability that a risk will occur and the impact that event would have, should it occur. This is basically a “cause and effect” analysis. The “cause” is the event that might occur, while the “effect” is the potential impact to a project, should the event occur. Assessment of a risk involves two factors. First is the probability which is the measure of certainty that an event, or risk, will occur. This can be measured in a number of ways, but for the DLIS project will be assigned a probability as defined in the table below. Definition

Occurs a lot
Will continue to happen until fix
Occurs less frequent if processed correctly.

Issues identified with minimal audit activity

Process performance failures evident to trained auditors or regulators


Occurs sporadically
Potential issues discovered during focused review.


Unlikely to occur
Minimal issue identification during focused review


Highly unlikely to occur


The second factor is estimate of the impact on the project. This can be a somewhat subjective assessment, but should be...
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