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Identify Environment

DLIS environment consists of more than 5,000 employees and 5,000 contractor. The IT environment contains assets that enable business functions like exchange, active directory, user PCs, Information Databases such as Customer databases, employees/contractors and parent company databases. These assets enable communication between the organization and clients such as the Department of Defense have a high priority as the DLA exists solely for the DoD and its subsidiaries. As the logistics are handled by the DLA, it has a major impact of the ability of the DoD to wage and win wars. The DLIS has several main departments that make up its environment. The Human Resources department controls the hiring and training of the employees/contractors. The Financial department has the responsibility of accounts payable/receivable. They have a customer service department that deals with its clients, customers and vendors. The DLIS has an IT department that deals with all of its computing and information management. The executives and board make up its own department as they deal with the convergence of the organization. This department is made up of the organizations directors. These directors report to the Defense Logistics Agency. Identify Stakeholders

Upper Management
IT management
IT security
IT staff
Stakeholders are the department heads and upper management that control the day to day operations of the DLIS. Some of the stakeholders are the DLA that is the parent company of the DLIS. The DoD which is the client and customer of the DLA and DLIS. The stakeholders that make up the upper management who are the department heads, directors and the CIO have very important roles related to the IT environment. The other stakeholders include but are not limited to the IT management, IT security and IT staff. These groups have important impact on the DLIS's ability to maintain its mission. Critical business functions

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