IS3110 Lab 5

Topics: IP address, IP address spoofing, Internet Protocol Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 30, 2014

1. What are the differences between ZenMap GUI and Nessus?

NMAP is run most of the time on a host and port discovery, Nessus is usually installed on servers and takes it to the next level. It analyzes the ports and looks for potential security issues

2. Which scanning application is better for performing a network discovery Reconnaissance probing of an IP Network infrastructure? NMap

3. Which scanning application is better for performing a software vulnerability assessment with suggested remediation steps? Nessus

4. How many total scripts does the Intense Scan using ZenMap GUI perform? Runs 36 Scripts

5. From the Zen Map GUI pdf report page 6, who ports and services are enabled on the Cisco Security Appliance Device? 22 / TCP Open SSH Cisco SSH 1.25

6. What is the source IP address of the Cisco Security Appliance Device?

7. How many IP hosts were identified in the Nessus vulnerability Scan? Depends on the scan

Nine IP Addresses scanned, 49.39 seconds, 256 IP Addresses (5 hosts) scanned in 5433.44 Seconds

8. While Nessus provides suggestions for remediation steps, what else does Nessus provide that can help you assess the risk impact of the identified software vulnerability? It provides a way either through a patch or update that will allow you to repair that vulnerability 9. Are open ports necessarily a risk? Why or why not? An open port is only a risk if it is not supposed to be open. There are always ports that will need to be open , but ones that have no need to be open should be closed. 10. When you identify a known software vulnerability, where can you go to access the risk impact of the software vulnerability? It’s located in the server section of the application, or a software icon

11. Specify what CVE-2009-3555 is and what the potential exploits are, and assess the severity of the vulnerability. It is a list of what the potential exploits are and the severity of the vulnerability. It attempts to provide...
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