Securing Commitment and Closing

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Exam 3: Study Questions

Chapter 8: LO6 -- Securing Commitment and Closing

1. Is it better to close by never taking no for an answer, “closing early and often”, or recognizing that “nobody likes to be sold, but everybody likes to buy“? Why?

2. What is a commitment signal (i.e. buying signal)?
Be able to identify one from a list of examples.

3. How is a commitment signals determined? Know the meaning of a check-back. Your text refers to trial commitments. This is the same as a check-back.

4. What is a red light statement?

5. What are the techniques for earning commitment (i.e. closing)? If given an example, be able to identify the technique.

TechniqueIn the textbook, this is called:
Direct ApproachDirect Commitment
Assumptive CloseNot Described – Covered in Class
Minor point Minor Points Close (Exhibit 8.13)
Alternative ChoicesAlternative/Legitimate Choice
Buy-Now Close Standing Room Only Close (Exhibit 8.13)
Summary Close Summary Commitment

Chapter 9

6. What are the ways a salespeople can convert new customers into highly committed lifetime customers? If given examples, be able to identify ones that do not help convert them.

7. What does it mean to add value? How can a salesperson increase the customer’s perception of value?

8. Why is it important to assess customer satisfaction?

9. What does the acronym CRM stand for?
What does a CRM system enable the salesperson to do?

10. What are the four components of effective follow-up? If given an example or a definition, be able to identify the component. 11. LO3 in the textbook is related to knowing how to Ensure Customer Satisfaction. What are the principal means for achieving customer satisfaction after the sale? These are the headings in the text for this section.

12. There are several typical customer complaints listed in Exhibit 9.3. What is the overall reason why customer complaints like these occur?

13. How...
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