Secure Atms by Image Processing

Topics: Biometrics, Fingerprint, Access control Pages: 9 (2367 words) Published: August 27, 2011


This paper encloses the information regarding the ‘IMAGE PROCESSING’. And discussed one of the major application of image processing ‘BIOMETRICS’. Biometrics technology allows determination and verification of ones identity through physical characteristics. To put it simply, it turns your body in to your password. We discussed various biometric techniques like finger scan, retina scan, facial scan, hand scan etc. Two algorithms have been proposed by taking biometric techniques to authenticate an ATM account holder , enabling a secure ATM by image processing. Biometrics is now applied in various public and private sectors. No doubt, biometrics is going to be next generation’s powerful security tool…!

What is Digital Image Processing?

An Image may be defined as a two dimensional function f (x,y) where x and y are spatial(plane) coordinates x, y is called intensity or gray level of the image at that point. When x, y and the amplitude values of f are all finite, discrete quantities, we call the image a digital image.

Interest in digital image areas: improvement of pictorial information for human interpretation: and representation for autonomous machine perception. The entire process of Image Processing and starting from the receiving of visual information to the giving out of description of the scene, may be divided into three major stages which are also considered as major sub areas, and are given below

(i) Discretization and representation: Converting visual information into a discrete form: suitable for computer processing: approximating visual information to save storage space as well as time requirement in subsequent processing. (ii) Processing :Improving image quality by filtering etc ; compressing data to save storage and channel capacity during transmission. (iii) Analysis: Extracting image features; qualifying shapes, registration and recognition.

We concentrated on human interpretation application and developed two algorithms which can make the ATM secure by image processing.


With the increasing necessity of e-mail accessing and Internet resources and the convenience it offers serious security concerns also arise. Internet is vulnerable to intruders who are always snooping to find open computers in the network to steal personal files, information or cause any damage. The loss of these records, emails or customer files can be devastating.

1.1 Draw back of passwords-need for Biometrics
No more problems if forgotten passwords and id codes, biometrics is the technology taking care of it which turns your body into your password. Typically, the more rigorous you make your password selection and construction rules the more difficulty users will have in remembering their passwords. Unfortunately, strict password rules are necessary to stop simple hacker attacks on the network. The fundamental problem with password is two fold. First, they are transferable they can be written down on paper, they can be transferred to some one who should not have them. Second, and just as important, they can be forgotten. Recent research suggests that a forgotten password can cost as much as US$ 340 per event! This is n’t too surprising. Clearly, the risk and costs of compromised passwords are a significant facto to consider in developing any sure system. The critical need for additional level of security has given rise to the field of “BIOMETRICS”


The present generation security issue is considered the basic TCP/IP encryptions and other factors that are provided by the network. But there was lack of consistent identification of individuals, then the newly developed technology Biometrics, came in to picture. Biometrics can be defined as recognizing and identifying a person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Biometrics technologies are applied in the following sectors: Public...
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