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Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

1. Computer literacy is knowing about and understanding computers and their uses.


2. Information processing is a vital activity today because the success of many businesses depends heavily on the wise use of information.


3. Fourth-generation computers witnessed the development of computer networks, wireless technologies, and the Internet.


4. Storage devices are hardware used to store data on or access data from storage media, such as CD discs, DVD discs, or flash memory cards.


5. A mainframe computer is the standard choice for large organizations that need to manage large amounts of centralized data.


6. The process of representing data in digital form so it can be used by a digital computer is called decimal byte representation.


7. Unlike ASCII, Unicode is a universal coding standard designed to represent text-based data written in any language, including those with different alphabets.


8. Traditionally, PC Cards were used for notebook expansion.


9. USB ports are used to connect a computer to a phone outlet via telephone connectors.

____ 10. As a hard drive begins to get full, it takes less time to locate and manipulate the data stored on the drive. ____ 11. With a CD, the storage medium and the storage device are permanently sealed together to form one piece of hardware called a fixed-media storage system.

____ 12. Storage devices can be internal (located inside the system unit), external (plugged into an external port on the system unit), or remote (located on another computer).
____ 13. With rewritable optical media, the laser permanently alters the disc surface. ____ 14. One reason advanced users may partition a primary hard drive is to be able to use two different operating systems on the same hard drive.

____ 15. Many new personal computers come with a C drive partition ready to use for programs and data and another logical drive set up as a recovery partition.
____ 16. Flash memory media can be inserted into a reader in several ways. ____ 17. A common RAID technique is disk mirroring, in which data is written to two duplicate drives simultaneously.

____ 18. Automating the data entry process is referred to as source data automation. ____ 19. When scanning, lower resolution is acceptable if the image is to be enlarged significantly or if only one part of the image is to be extracted and enlarged.

____ 20. RFID tags need to be within line of sight of a reader. ____ 21. CRT monitors use digital signals to display images, which allows for sharper images. ____ 22. When you issue the command for your computer to store a document on your hard drive, the application software must make sure that such a drive exists.

____ 23. Most operating systems today use a text-based user interface. ____ 24. There are two primary forms of DOS: PC-DOS and MS-DOS. ____ 25. Development rights of a software program specify the allowable use of the program. ____ 26. Public domain software is not copyrighted; instead, the ownership rights to the program have been donated to the public domain.

____ 27. Some monitoring systems in use today use the RFID tags and RFID readers to monitor the status of objects (such as shipping boxes, livestock, or expensive equipment) to which the RFID tags are attached. ____ 28. Collaborative computing takes place via both private company networks and the Internet. ____ 29. A personal area network (PAN) is a network of personal devices for one individual, such as his or her portable computer, mobile phone, and printer.

____ 30. The conventional phone system uses digital signals. ____ 31. Communications satellites are space-based devices launched into orbit around the earth to receive and transmit microwave signals to and from earth.

____ 32. TCP/IP is the protocol used for transferring data over the Internet. ____...
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