Secondary Research

Topics: Hygiene, Marketing, Homelessness Pages: 4 (2272 words) Published: November 1, 2014

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Secondary Research Report
Anıl Ümütlü, G. Gonca Araz, Leonardo Berardi, Matteo Ferri, Mirza Muradzade, Souhayla Taiai10/22/2014

CUSTOMER ANALYSIS – Strengths and Weaknesses
Potential customers are the key to the success of our product. In this analysis, we divided our customers into two subcategories: Individual Customers: The new trend in the hygiene industry is naturally made products as we live in a more health concerned era. There are people who are against the negative effects of chemicals in products that we use in our everyday lives, therefore there has been an increase in demand for organic products. Because of this increasing demand; in newspaper articles, on television programs and on the internet people are trying to share their natural homemade remedies. In the news we read about people who explain why they would never use shampoos or soaps again for all the chemicals they put inside and how they affect the general health. They will be our target customers. Our product is all natural, just like they want. The only difference is that instead of people making it in their houses; we will mass produce it and make it easier to access due to different ingredients that are not really easy to be found. Other than the product being completely organic, our promotion will focus on the charity work we will do with this product regarding poor people. Thus, not only the health concerned people but also the people who care about the society will be targeted. People who would like to help the homeless can do so by buying this product. Our potential weakness here is that we may not be able to promote the product as fast as we want to. It may take some time for the target customers to know about this product. Another potential weakness can be that people may approach our product with suspicion. We plan to overcome that by medical reports regarding the product. Business Customers: We are...
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