Topics: Management, Strategic management, Balanced scorecard Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: November 3, 2013
To decentralize its operations
Decentralization has streamlined the company’s operation
To measure the performance of the various departments
The balanced scorecard measure more than just the financial performance of the company Critical factors that meeting the goals:
1. Customer satisfaction: market share and repeat business
2. Operational efficiency: the number of produced per hour and the number of warranty claims received. 3. Employee excellence: employee training hours, employee satisfaction surveys 4. Financial Profitability: revenue growth rate and earnings per share. The balanced scorecard provide holistic approach to achieving the goals. And to look back at the past performance and to look ahead at the company growth potential.

PPT Content
-Brief Introduction of the company Chadwick
-Conflicts Raised and Why Financial Measures Insufficient
-Traditional Approach and Balanced Scorecard to Performance Measurement -The barriers to implementing Strategy
-The Balanced Scorecard in 4-5 perspectives
e.g. i. Employee Learning and Growth (employee satisfaction, Staff Complaint, Productivity, Quality) ii. How to meet Customer’s Goal (customer’s satisfaction, Market Share, Customer Complaint, Return Rates, Response Time per customer request, Brand recognition, Marketing Cost, Loyalty) iii. Business Process (Yield, Cost efficiency, On time delivery, Inventory turnover, Research and Development expenses, Patents pending, Stock outs, Labour utilization rates, Response time to customer’s request, Defect percentage, Rework, Life Cycle time improvement, Continuous improvement, Waste reduction, Machine operating hour, customer database (distributors). iv. Financial Measures (ROCE, Market value, cash flow, Total cost) (How vision and...
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