Mktg 306 Week 3

Topics: Business terms, Balanced scorecard, Management Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Why is it important for an e-business model to create value in a way that is differentiated from the way competitors’ models create value?


What is the Balanced Scorecard and how do companies use it in e-business?

A: The Balanced Scorecard provides a framework for understanding e-marketing metrics, companies are using them to create and plan their e-business vision and strategies. The balanced Scorecard provides 4 perspectives to the e-business company, which are customer perspective, internal perspective, learning and grouwth perspective and financial perspective. First of all, the company need to find the right way to appear itself in front of the customer in order to achieve their vision. Secondly, the business need to excel and envolve their internal business processes for the purpose of satisfiing the shareholders and customers. Furthermore, the business need to maintain a certain level of flexability for changes and improvements. At last, they need to satisfy there shareholders will good financial performance. All of the four perspectives will needed going through the 4 stages evaluation of planning objectives, setting measurements, finding targets, and starting initiatives.

What are three ways of collecting Web analytics?

A: Web analytics is the e-marketing term ofr the study of user behavior on Web pages. The three basic ways of collecting Web analytics would be: Types of measures, Data collection methods, and Google Analytics.

How does e-business strategy relate to strategy on the corporate level?

If you had money to invest, what would you look for in a venture capital e-marketing plan?
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