Scope of Projects

Topics: Electricity distribution, Circuit breaker, Type I and type II errors Pages: 3 (427 words) Published: April 28, 2015
The power system of today consists of very complex interconnected network cause of the system comprises all the apparatus used starting from the generation station and end up at the most remote house in the country. Relay operates to isolate fault detected with the least interruption to service by controlling the circuit breaker when irregular form grow. A massive blackout had occurred in Sumatera few years ago. Early investigation discovered the blackout was caused by generator tripping even though there was nothing wrong with the generator. So this experiment focus on to study the factor that affects the sensitivity of the relay, to implement the right coordination of relay for the main protection trip first and to investigate the factors that leading the miscoordination of the relay. When a fault occurs in system main relay will trip first when plug setting at main relay is lower than backup relay and lower plug setting increase the sensitivity of relay toward fault current. In the other hands, main relay failed to trip when time multiplier setting at backup relay below than 0.75 when relay operating time for main relay higher than backup relay and the time taken for main relay to isolate the fault are longer than backup relay. Besides that, main relay failed to isolate the fault when plug setting for main is lower than backup relay when the coordination at main relay toward fault current is higher than backup and the backup relay is more sensitive than main relay to isolate the fault current. Inconclusion, main relay needs to trip first when there are fault occur in the system and main relay must have higher sensitivity than backup relay.

Scope of Projects

This study was conducted to study the factors that contribute toward sensitivity of relay. In this experiment, it’s also included type of relay that used is IDMT Overcurrent relay. For the ralay that used...
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