Scientific Statement on Spending in Science

Topics: Large Hadron Collider, Earth, Universe Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: May 21, 2014
“Spending on science should be focused towards areas that contribute to daily lives not big projects like the Space Program, Square Kilometre Array and the Large Hadron Collider” In this current time, our focus for spending on science seems to be drifting off farther and farther into space. We are forgetting how many problems we have here on earth, in our cities and homes. Though there are many brilliant and insightful projects which are taking place (with examples like the Space Program and the Square Kilometre Array), there are projects which would have a far greater positive impact to each and every one of our daily lives. These projects are where our spending should be focussed. The human population could very soon become a contribution to the destruction of the earth. We have dangerous practices which need to be amended swiftly and this of course requires the aid of science. The population of the earth is ageing and increasing rapidly, and pressures on resources are also increasing at the same rate. These both bring about issues in global health and sustainability; and such issues must remain high on our international scientific agenda. Let us now think about what is wrong that science can fix, for our daily lives are riddled with issues. Though my mother jokingly stated (as a dentist) that fluoride fixes everything, the public is in desperation of a more eco-friendly fuel for our vehicles; it is required to be something that can be easily mass produced and will not be dear. We need “cleaner” energy, to decarbonise our energy needs - and soon. Also, we are still unsure as to what the spark was that caused the universe to exist and kickstarted life. Out of all the water on earth, about one percent is actually drinkable. If we do not have this as a high priority, then our priorities are not straight. These are not all these issues in our daily lives, merely a few. Yet surely it is visible that this is where our spending should be focussed. Just these four...
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