US Space Program and Exploration

Topics: Space exploration, NASA, Outer space Pages: 5 (1425 words) Published: May 26, 2014
US Space Program & Exploration
Space exploration in the United States is receiving considerable criticism both from politicians and journalist. It has lead to a general belief among citizens that it is a futile program that does not serve the country. This has led to the current reduction in the funding of NASA and its programs. Since the space program is losing popularity, politicians and the government are opting to stop the initiative. Advocates of space exploration are increasingly becoming defensive, which is only increasing the hostility. NASA initiatives are critical to finding solutions to environmental issues. Personally I think that adequate usage of space science will allow astrophysicists to explore the universe and promote conclusive research. Such studies will not only answer pertinent societal issues but will also lead to the advancement of the society. I believe that Space exploration is an invaluable tool to the development of nature. On a personal point of view, space exploration adequate funding will assist in the advancing of cultures and societies. It is an issue that leads to individuals increasing their intent in the field of sciences and other fields. Despite the issue having disputes, space exploration continues to receive substantial support from politicians and other individuals in the community. The world of today indicates that development in the field of science and technology will improve the livelihood of societies. America is reducing its spending to NASA, which has the endorsement of overseeing most of the exploration initiatives. This is not appropriate given that other countries are continuing investigation and success will have the intention of bettering the livelihood of their citizens. I think space is currently at a critical level and the United States should strengthen its research initiatives.

Space exploration has been leading studies of other planets and their behaviours. There is a statement that usually illicit mixed reaction in the community. There are individuals that state that it is essential to resolve issues of earth before the examination of other planets. There are different politicians that induce similar sentiments during their campaigns and political rallies. In 2006, news anchor Katie Couric in commemoration of Sputnik, said that NASA request for $17 billion was unbelievable. According to her, this amount of money could find application in a myriad of activities right here on earth. Analyzing the situation she failed to realize that space exploration will protect the world from potential threats. I have a belief that studying the universe will provide solutions to potential pandemics facing earth. Such pandemics include climate change and solar flares.

The current problem of space exploration is misunderstanding. Many individuals consider it as an extravagant way of spending American citizen tax money. Politicians recommend that funding to NASA should stop. They propose that the government does transfer such funds towards societal projects such as health promotion. Before Cold War era, USSR and the USA engaged in space exploration but on a competitive basis. My assessment is that the current problems stem from the fact that, during that period, development of airplanes for space exploration was for status. Nowadays, the reason leading to space exploration is to understand various phenomena occurring in the outer space and affecting the earth. Such explorations will assist in to an understanding of such aspects and develop relevant precautionary measures. In addition, it is possible to conduct exploration of Mars for the possibility of supporting human life.

Another problem that I foresee hindering the development of space exploration is reports by media houses. Many people do not oppose to space exploration, but it is due to their lack of adequate information. Media only reports once things go wrong with...
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