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Topics: Nature, Poverty, Malnutrition Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: December 3, 2013
From abrogating the infamous problem of world hunger that is prevalent among the developing countries to the preservation of Mother Nature who seems to exponentially spiral down towards death in correlation to our nonstop industrial poison, the premiere issue that arises to be solved is not utilizing these funds solely to discover or use on research for the historically-yearned panacea of all these problems, but to discover the grades of importance to which these problems need to be chronologically addressed. Sure, the level of importance may fluctuate for people with different perspectives, but finding the common ranks in which the majority agrees on will most likely prove to palliate the cons of our society’s traditional morality. The sole most important problem: Poverty. My statement is controversial, yet I believe that I withhold a satisfactory justification for my daring audacity in the statement. The Tree of Poverty is a colossal essence of our intricate society that branches off to too many malevolent factors, such as the branches of disease and hunger. Finding the conflagration to abolish this seemingly immortal tree would be diminishing the amplifying mercurial distance between the downright rich and the nadir of the poor, considering eighty percent of the population in the world today live in countries where income divergences keep expanding. “How will we solve this?” one might ask. The first step will be creating a chance for these countries by focusing on their children, their future. The establishment of educational services in countries that hold an insufficient amount of resources to do so will help reduce the 121 million children who are not in education that should be. One must realize that the world holds a massive number of uncut gems, but processing these potential gems to shine is what makes them valuable. This process represents the education in which millions of children will partake with the development of education in the places that...
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