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Scientific Method In Our Daily Lives

In today’s society we use science without even knowing it, because we don’t relate what we do, where we go, and things that happen to science much less how the scientific method is used in everyday life. The scientific method gives us a precise answer to investigative questions and precise answers to those questions. Because of science our children and grandchildren will study the findings in our research of our day and learning more scientist study the world around them. There are 5 steps to the scientific method:

1. Make observations.
2. Propose a hypothesis.
3. Design and perform an experiment to test the hypothesis. 4. Analyze your data to determine whether to accept or reject the hypothesis. 5. If necessary, propose and test a new hypothesis.
By using these steps we can make accurate conclusions instead of assumptions form the discovery of DNA February 28, 1953, by Watson and Crick who made history at Cambridge University in the Cavendish Laboratory. It’s because of this discovery that cold case files have been closed and the criminal behind bars and the families can be at rest now. We will be looking at two scenarios in using the scientific method in everyday life. The first one is: You spend a lovely day shopping in the mall. You go to the car and search for your keys and cannot find them. What to do? First of all I would try my best to recall my steps? What store’s I went in? Which register did I pay at? What bathrooms I went in? What table I ate in the restaurant ? Did I go in their bathroom in the restaurant? Recall my steps in the parking lot? Did I drop the keys by the car? Or Did I lock them in the car?

I was at the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, Tn., for five hours that day so there is no telling where my keys were. So after observing and coming to a complete panic at the car and am on the video...
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