Science meets Real Life

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Science meets Real Life
Cheryl Hankins
SC300: Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to Mutation

There are two different ways to use the scientific method. The five step method involves observing/research, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, and conclusion (Understanding and Using the Scientific Method, 2011). The seven step method involves observation, question, research, guess, experiment, analyze data, and conclusion (Trefil & Hazen, 2010). Whether using the five step method or the seven step method you will always derive at a solution. With both methods you make an observation as to something not being right. Then ask specific questions in order to provide a direct focus to the problem. The next step involves research to find an answer to your questions. Research can often lead to other questions for the problem. Once all the questions have been researched and answered you will perform experiments and analyze the data you have collected and formulate a hypothesis. The hypothesis is a statement regarding the cause and effect of the problem. After all tests have been completed and a solution is found you then write out the conclusion or final hypothesis (Understanding and Using the Scientific Method, 2011).

Many use scientific methods in their daily life without realizing they are doing it. Several scenario's come to mind, which I have listed below. Scenario 1:
You need to go outside for something and it's dark out, so you grab the flashlight. You make the observation as soon as you turn it on, that it does not work. You ask your first question, "What is wrong with the flashlight?" Then you predict that maybe the batteries are dead. Based on this hypothesis, you change the batteries and the flashlight works. This shows your hypothesis to be correct and problem is solved, so you can now continue with what you were going outside in the dark for.

Scenario 2:
You need to use the internet, so you sit down and log in. First try at...

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