Science vs God

Topics: God, Religion, Atlantic Ocean Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Science Vs God
Religion and human civilization are two words that pretty much go hand in hand. No great civilization has ever flourished without the existence of some sort of religion whether it be the polytheistic religions of early man that had many gods responsible for different parts of the world around them, or the monotheistic religions that millions of people practice throughout the world today. Mankind has always had the idea that there is a higher power who created and has the ability to control us and everything around us. Only in recent years has knowledge and science opened up the world and allowed us to understand a few of the processes that we use to accredit to the existence of a higher power.

Our levels of Science and understanding are growing at an ever increasing rate. We learn things every day that just a few years ago were considered science fiction. By understanding the world around us it gives us a since of control so more and more people have fallen away from the existence of god. However, as far as we have come science still hasn’t been able to disprove the existence of God. In some way people have been able to use science to help demonstrate the power and understanding of God. Think about it for a second, if God would have written in the Bible that people came from monkeys through a process called evolution, where the most helpful dominate traits are passed on to following generations, while the more inferior traits die out over millions of years, how would our ancestors have ever been able to understand it enough to pass it on to others? It only makes since that a superior all knowing being like God would have realized the importance of “dumbing it down” for early man.

There are still other things that science cant explain like how civilizations separated by thousands of miles and huge barriers ,like oceans, with no contact between each other all developed there own styles of religion with a large number of similarities....
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