The Role of Religion in Shaping Civilization

Topics: Religion, Human, Maya civilization Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: April 27, 2012
The role of religion in shaping civilization
From the beginning of human race or Homo sapiens, they were run by curiosity. Human were started to live together but didn’t know what was right or wrong, used to do things whatever wanted like killing each other, mass adultery with inter and intra species, eating whatever wanted. So there were many questions, curious Homo sapiens all over the world didn’t know the answers. After 10,000 BC by the invention of agriculture human race started to live together and social structure started to form but there was the need of some rules and regulation and some form belief system which will be abide by all people. That’s where religion becomes the principles and the only carrier of righteousness a total system of living system socially. And when human started to migrate all over the world and started to invent and discover many thing like wheel, foods, clothes and most importantly city and states and ultimately formed many civilizations. So with the religion human become civilized and it is true that every civilization of ancient and Middle Ages was more or less dependent on religion. We can see it in every civilization religion played an important role, from the valley of Indus to the rain forest of Maya also in Egypt, Rome, Greece and most importantly in Middle East. After the early migration from the Africa, human stepped in the fertile land of India where life was very easy to live. So human started to live there and increased generation. In that ancient India human started to worship many natural resources and other things like water, fire, sun etc. which is today’s Hinduism. So worshiping many god and goddess was common in all Indian civilization. We can trace that in Beda, Upanishad and in many other prominent literatures of India. There were many cast system in Ganges Civilization period which shaped the city, political system, social system of that time. Many prominent religions were created in India like Buddhism,...
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