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Topics: Nutrition, Calorie, Nutrition facts label Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Nutritional Food Label and Facts
April Garcia
August 24, 2013
Charlotte Williams, MAEd

The 5/20 rule is where if you 5 % or less it’s not a good source of the nutrient if it has 20%or more then it is a good source of a nutrient. For an Example in my pantry I have a can of Chunk Light Tuna in water it has 10% DV of Sodium and 10% dv of Cholesterol. It’s not a good source of Sodium nor Cholesterol it’s just in the middle of it both. The Serving Size, Calories, Limit these nutrients and then there’s get enough of these, footnotes on the bottom of the nutrition facts label and last there is the percent daily valve. Having to read a food label may be a lot, but if you actually happen to stop and read a food label on whatever you may be getting at the grocery store it just might be something that you will not want to eat again. By reading the serving size that helps the consumer understand how many serving he or she is having. Keep an eye out for serving size can be listed in cups, units, grams, tablespoons and etc. Calories actually provide a measure of how much energy the consumer gets from a serving size. The Nutrients is in two groups the first one is limited nutrients which consist of Total fat, Saturated fat, Trans Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium when looking at a food label you want to have these as low as possible. The second group is the get enough of these meaning that these nutrients are essential and can help reduce for some diseases and conditions in the consumer life and health. The footnote on the bottom of the facts label basically tells you what the daily percent value is on a calorie diet of 2,000. The Percent Daily Value is based off a 2,000 calorie daily diet this is where the 5%DV or less is low of the nutrient and 20% DV or more is high of that nutrient. The Three items that I have selected item number one is Gatorade 12fl oz, the serving size is 1 bottle (355mL) the total calories per serving is 80 the total amount of...
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