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School Health Programme is one of the important components of total Health Care Delivery System in the State, which helps in keeping close watch on the health of school going children. It is an admitted fact that the children are the future of the Nation. If the children are healthy, the Nation is bound to be strong. In the light of these observations, it was felt that the school health services should be developed as an integral part of the health care delivery system. Govt. of India have emphasized the importance of the medical check-up of Primary and secondary classes school going children. Keeping in the importance of the programme of medical check-up of school going children the programme was launched all over the State w.e.f. 1.8.81 with the available existing medical and Para-medical staff of PHCs, SHCs and CHCs. Under this programme all the school going children up to secondary Classes of Govt. And Private Govt. Aided were to be examined at least once in the academic year for Primary twice a year. The referral services are being done at all PHC hospitals. It was highly essential to establish School Health Clinics at District Headquarter. According to this School Health Clinics was established at District Headquarter in the phased manner. The magnitude of the problem is very big in the sense that there are about 40 lakh students’ up to 12th classes who need to be examined during the year in Primary, middle, high and senior secondary school according to No. of schools list provided by the Education Deptt. All the Govt. Health Institutions irrespective of their places of establishment are actively involved in the implementation of School Health Programme in Punjab State. A. State level functioning of School Health Programme. At the State Headquarter Programme is being looked after by the Assistant Director, Health Education under the overall guidance of Director, Health & Family Welfare, Punjab. 1 Regarding tour Programme of School Medical Officer of all the districts compact disk is prepared every year as per the list supplied by the Education Department. 2 3 Monthly reports as received from all the districts are compiled and sent to Govt. of Punjab, Govt. of India, monthly, quarterly and yearly. To provide requirement of medicine under school Health Programme, provision of budget for districts and submission of PIP to Govt. of India.

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Monitoring, supervision and implementation of Programme in the districts of Punjab. Review Implementation of guidelines of Govt. of India, quality of implementation, monitoring of flow of funds, medicines & review expenditure & functioning of districts.


For recommend award to the better performing districts. The implementation of School Health Programme in Punjab State with the following objectives.

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To conduct the medical check-up of all school going children from Primary to 12th standard. To prepare permanent record of complete health profile of school going children up to 12th standard in the form of Registers or Cards. To inform the parents regarding health status of the students and any follow up treatment required (if any) To give information to the teachers and students on general health topics i.e. Nutrition/Balanced Diet, Oral Rehydration, Care of Eyes and Control of Blindness due to Trachoma etc., Common Accidents, Environmental Sanitation, Cholera, Diarrhoea and Dysentery, Malaria, Skin Diseases, Scabies, Dental Care, Worm infestation, Anaemia, Population Education and First-Aid.


Micro Nutrients :Anaemia: - i) Deficiency of Iron-100 Tablets of Iron Folic Acid gave to children to prevent anaemia. ii) Worm infestation is another cause of anaemia more common in rural areas for this advised about personal Hygiene, Environment sanitations and Tablet Albendazole shall also be given. Students found anaemic advice to green leafy vegetables, Black Gram, Jajgary etc. iii) For vitamin A deficiency advise about green leafy...
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