Unit 20 Promoting Health Education P3

Topics: Nutrition, Time, Term Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: May 1, 2013
P3 – in this task I will be planning my campaign and explain the reasons for the approaches, methods and models of behaviour change. This task will include SMART targets and planned approaches to education, I will be stating what models of behaviour change I will be using and also include who my audience is and what resources I will use and any cost incurred. The campaign we will be presenting is about obesity. In Sandwell, especially Smethwick; the number of children who are considered obese is 893 and the local value for this number is 25.9 where the England average is 19.0 and England’s worst is 26.5 ( as you can see the Sandwell figure is very close to England’s worst). These children are much more likely to develop health problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure from a young age, which are linked with cardiovascular diseases in adults. Therefore, our aims and objectives are:

* Children and young people would be healthier.
* Promote outdoor physical activities
* Children and young people will be smarter and more health educated * And they will be safer and less likely to get any obesity related diseases. Our audience for this campaign is a form class of year sevens who have different levels of knowledge and learning abilities. Also I will be using SMART targets and relating them to the campaign. Our campaign is very specific because we want to be able to focus on the goal and make it our priority. In the campaign we will be talking about obesity, its causes, short term and long term effects and how to prevent obesity. Therefore the campaign and our goals are very specific and have limited aims and objectives to achieve. We will be able to measure whether we have sent across our message in the campaign, whether the children and young people have learnt anything after our campaign. This done through giving out a mixture of open ended/closed question to measure how much they already know and then after the presentation we...

References: Health and social care level three book 2 unit 20 promoting health education by David Herne page 249.
Some information from my P2.
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