School Counseling
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Introduction to School Counseling

Counseling Theory
Philosophy of School Counseling

Intro School Counseling

Counseling Theory

I would say that the theories of counseling that best represent me as a school counselor would be the combination of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Child-Centered therapy.
The two goals of REBT is to first have the child understand that their thoughts are not rational and the conclusions that they are coming to are not true or in other words inconsistent. From there as the counselor you work with the student(s) to reeducate them into a new pattern of thinking and a more rational way of seeing and understand the environment around them. The ABCDEs that Ellis developed matches with my belief system.
A. Identifying the activating event
B. Identifying irrational beliefs or cognitions about step A
C. Identifying the consequences for the irrational beliefs (emotions and feelings)
D. Disputing the irrational beliefs
E. Employing effective, new, more rational thinking about the original activating Incident

Although I believe that one’s thoughts have a great deal of control over one’s emotions and behaviors. I belief that some of Roger’s child-centered therapy can be used when working with the students in order to help them express their feeling and describe what they are thinking. The child-centered aspects that I believe in is the building of the therapeutic relationship as well as the importance of being genuine and providing support and assistance for the student(s). The key aspects in my theory is the building of empathy. The kind of empathy where you are able to feel yourself entering the students world, where you can feel their individual fears, angers, and confusions. Open ended- questions, active listening, and being present in the moment are all techniques that I am going to bring into my counseling sessions.
Philosophy of School Counseling After completing this course,

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