Psychology Methods

Topics: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Psychology Methods
Cara Stettler
University of Great Falls

This paper consists of the similarities and differences between two therapies used in psychology. The approaches are known as the Client-Centered Approach and the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They are both used daily, world-wide, and can be seen in different ways. In psychology, the use of therapy, approaches, and techniques are used all the time. The client-centered model is all about the clients themselves and the cognitive behavioral therapy relies on direct counseling tools to control and guide the client. Cognitive behavioral therapy is more short-term treatment is structured and is going towards a goal whereas the client-centered model aims towards asking questions, makes interpretations, and involves judgment. They are different approaches with the same concept.

Psychology Methods
Today’s psychology is assembled with a huge variety of techniques, therapies, and approaches based on different models and theories of development and human behavior. When it comes to counseling, it is great to have the proper knowledge of various tools, so that a counselor’s professional behavior allows him or her to be flexible and to apply different techniques based on the individual’s problems and situational needs of every client who is seen. With there being a variety of different techniques, there are two counseling theories that are different, and their effectiveness comes from opposite sides of counseling, but they are very similar in the same way. These approaches are known as the Client-Centered Approach and the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is important that good therapists are properly equipped with both concepts and are readily aware on how both of these concepts are used so they can help the client in the best possible way needed.

The client-centered model, also sometimes referred to as person-centered, was developed by Carl Rogers around the middle of the twentieth century....
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