School Counseling

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Which is the most difficult part being a school counselor?
After I read the ASCA Model on page 9 of textbook, I knew the leadership, advocacy, teaming and collaboration and systemic change are all what school counselors should focus on. I also learned that school counseling is a profession that focuses on the relations and interactions between students and their school environment with the purpose of reducing the barriers in order to help students to success. In my opinion, the team-member and collaborator is the most challenging for a school counselor in an urban school setting. Because as an effective team-member and collaborator, school counselor work with teachers, administrators and other school personnel to make sure that each student succeeds. However, sometimes working with other school setting educators is not very easy. For example, some teachers do not like to follow the advices from counselors, they believe that their ways are perfect. Hence, they do not want to hear the voice from counselors. I understand everybody has different ideas, but I also believe that our students will get benefits if we can work together as a team. We share our opinions and hear everyone’s advice. Because our goals are same, we all hope each student succeeds. Even though the coloration is challenging and difficult, we still need to do it with our efforts. What the elements for school counseling as a profession? Threatened by who? From the framework for a school counseling program, there are four elements of school counseling of a profession, foundation, delivery system, management system, and accountability. On the page 9 of the textbook, foundation includes beliefs and philosophy, mission statement, ASCA national standards. Delivery system includes school guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services and system support. Management system includes agreements, advisory council, use of date, use of time and calendars. The last one, accountability includes results reports, school counselor performance standards and program audit. I think school counseling profession may be threatened by other educators, like teachers, principals and other administrators. Sometimes school counselors cannot get enough support for a new idea, some changes cannot get approval by high level administrators or supervisors. From the supporting articles, we have to get more effective data to prove our idea is right. Being a counselor, we must do more research in order to get sufficient evidence if we want to persuade teachers or other educators to accept our changes or new ideas. Because counselors are not in the classroom, no direct relationship with students likes teachers. Hence, our advice or new idea is not easy to be accepted by teachers. For dealing with these difficulties, the most effective way is research! Using data to speak! Compare the traditional and contemporary model?

The most recognizable models for school counseling focused on the “ three Cs” of school counseling: counseling, consultation, and coordination. These three elements are all what traditional model has. However, as school counseling system was improved and developed in today’s world. The contemporary model still includes counseling and coordination as well as leadership, advocacy, collaboration and teaming, and assessment and use of data. From the ASCA National Model, the skills of leadership, advocacy, and collaboration and teaming are emphasized as very important and essential elements of being a school counselor. And it also needs efforts to improve systemic change. Comparing with the contemporary model of school counseling, the traditional model just has three basic elements. For the contemporary model, more positions and skills were involved for school counselors. School counselors spend more time to develop and maintain relationships with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community resource educators. As the changes from traditional...
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