The School Counselor s Role

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School Counselor's Role
Marjorie Sutton, School Counselor
RH Dana Elementary

Some people wonder…
What do school
counselors DO?

School Counseling Programs Are About

How are students different
as a result of the school
counseling program?

General Goals of the
School Counseling Program
 Support

the school’s academic mission
 Ensure equity and access for every student
 Provide personal/social support for
students, family, and staff

School Counselors Affect Change In










Research shows that school
counselors are effective in:
 Improving

academic achievement
 Decreasing inappropriate behaviors

Preventing school violence
Reducing bullying
Classroom disturbances

 Increasing

productive on-task behaviors
 Preventing student suicides
 Preventing students from dropping out

More research shows they are…
 Enhancing

students’ career development
 Teaching conflict management
 Having better relationships with teachers
 Increasing positive attitudes toward school
 Believing education is important to their

CUSD Elementary Counselors

3-year Grant, 5 counselors
Specific Requirements
 50 identified (indiv, group, goals)
 Life Skills (classroom guidance)
 Parent education
 Crisis intervention
 Meet w/parents
 Continuing Education

Reduce student/counselor ratio
Reduce # of discipline referrals & suspensions
Increase attendance
Increase scores on state/district tests

ASCA National Model

ASCA National Model

How School Counselors Spend their Time

Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Consulting & Collaborating w/Teachers, Parents,
Administrators, Students, other Counselors
Build Relationships
Crisis Situations
Conflict Mediation
Classroom guidance
Parent Education
Maintain Confidentiality


So how do I send a student
to the counselor?

(Confidential information)
Date: _______________
Student’s name: __________________________________
Grade: __________
Teacher’s name: __________________________________
Have you had a discussion with the student’s parent(s) regarding this referral? ____ Yes ____ No If yes, what was their reaction/comment? _____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Student’s Present Functioning (as you perceive it) ____ Above ____ Below

____ Average
Attention span ______________________________
Self-image _________________________________
Attitude toward authority _____________________
Peer relationships ___________________________
Group work ________________________________
Completes assignments _______________________
Follows rules _______________________________
Please check (if appropriate)
____ Aggressive
____ Personable
____ Engaging ____ Assertive ____ Shy
____ Ambitious
____ Noncompliant
____ Independent
____ Impulsive ____ Social
____ Depressed
____ Preoccupied
____ Confident ____ Avoidant ____ Friendly
____ Motivated
____ Withdrawn
____ Distractible
____ Argumentative
____ Other_____________
Special skills, talents, competencies, interests the student has: ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Reason for referral (based on your observations):

____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ What interventions have...
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