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Topics: Agriculture, Quality control, Business Pages: 4 (880 words) Published: January 30, 2014

The business that I will be establishing is Victoria Gate Way Farm Store. It will be located in Victoria District in the parish of Clarendon. Victoria Gate Way Farm Store will have a partnership structure and will be owned, and operated by Henroy Williams, Valrie Smith and Terry-Gay Williams. Victoria Gate Way Farm Store will be engaging in the sale of agricultural products such as fertilizer, fork, plants, seeds, tools and other items. The business was established as a result of the increase in demand for agricultural products due to an increase in farming activities within the community. The business targets the farmers within Victoria and the neighboring communities. The business aims to create employment for young people within the community. It also aims to maximize its profit and offer quality products at affordable prices.


The store will be located in Victoria District Clarendon. This is a prime location because the population consists of mostly farmers, who the business aims to target. There is good road network and adequate parking facilities which will assist in business distribution process. Utilities such as light and water are also readily available which assist smooth operation of the farm store. The premises from which the business operates is also leased at a low cost.


The appropriate labour force requires that all the employees have a level three (3) certification in agriculture science two (2) Caribbean secondary education certificate subject in agriculture and science and a six(6) Working experience in a common field of agriculture and experience of farmers demands of farming.

*****State how many workers and what each of them will be doing . State why you need these workers


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