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Topics: Assessment, Summative assessment, Formative assessment Pages: 3 (642 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Introduction to Assessment Worksheet
Use the following website as well as the videos/PowerPoints in the assessment folder on Blackboard to assist you in completing the following assignment.  

1. Match the term in the left column with the correct definition from the right column: Enter correct LETTER here
1. Bias
A. dealing with students fairly and maintaining confidentiality F
2. Criterion reference tests
B. exhibiting partiality to or prejudice against someone or something A
3. Ethical uses of assessment
C. extent to which an assessment consistently assesses whatever it is assessing E
4. Norm reference tests
D. extent to which assessment information is appropriate for making a desired decision G
5. Norms
E. measures broad skill areas sampled from a variety of sources C
6. Reliability
F. measures specific skills which make up a designated curriculum D
7. Validity
G. set of scores that describes the performance of a specific group of students

For questions 2 - 4, please provide a complete response to each of the questions listed below. You may type your responses directly on this form, save it, and upload it to Blackboard. Be sure to write in complete sentences.

2. Define each of the following terms, and provide an example of when you would use each: a. formative assessment:
Occurs throughout assessment/research process.
We used the formative assessment to check for understanding and comprehension. b. summative assessment:
This assessment takes place at the conclusion of an instructional unit (e.g., posttest). Teacher will use the Summative assessment as a basis for assigning grades.

c. formal assessment:
Formal assessments are the conventional method of testing with which most of us are very familiar. Formal assessments are generally used to assess overall achievement,...
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