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Acids are chemicals which will turn litmus paper red. Litmus is a colored Chemical which can change from red to blue and back again. Which colour it is Depends upon the concentration of Hydrogen ions. If the concentration of Hydrogen ion is higher than it is in pure water then the litmus will turn red. If it is lower than in pure water the litmus will turn blue.

An acid is a substance that turns blue litmus paper red acids can, be identified due to specific properties they have and the chemical reactions they undergo.

Importance of acids and base
Acids and bases are very important to us because everything in our world is affected by them. We could not live in a world that is either too acidic or too base. Think about heart burn, to treat heart burn, we have to have an understanding of acids and bases.

A base is any of various water-soluble compounds capable of turning litmus blue and reacting with an acid to form a salt and water.

A base is a substance that changes red litmus paper to blue. Most of the bases Used in the in the laboratory are soluble in water. These bases are called alkalis. Any compound that begins with the name of metal and is followed by the word oxide or hydroxide is a base.

Properties of Base

They have a bitter taste.
They have slippery touch.
They conduct electrically.
It turns red litmus to blue.
It turns colorless phenolphthalein to pink

Properties of Acid

* Acids and acidic compounds taste sour and give off an acrid odor. Take, for instance, vinegar. You can smell the stinging sour odor as soon as you open a bottle of vinegar and we all know how vinegar tastes! * All acids and acidic compounds react with metals and such reaction always results in the production of hydrogen. * Acids are good conductors of electricity and are so corrosive that they...

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