School and Picnic

Topics: School, Meal, Cooking Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: August 6, 2013
   I enjoy picnics. A picnic is something special. It has several unique features. For one it comes very seldom. It involves participation in and enjoyment by a number of people. It allows the pleasure and thrill of a short journey in the company of friends. It takes palace in the open without any restraining walls or roof. It allows scope for any sort of activity. It gives one pleasure of eating food that tastes different simply because it has been cooked in a different manner. The success of a picnic depends on the spot, the weather, the company and the food.             Every year we have a school picnic. It is an occasion which we all look forward to. The teachers too seem to enjoy it very much. Last year it was decided that we would go to Bajra Barahi for our picnic. It was a place that most of us had not been to and we were therefore curious. We were to go on a Thursday in the second week of October. The day dawned bright and clear. I was up and out of bed earlier than usual. The first thing that I did when I got out of bed was to go and look out of the window. We were to leave school at ten o’clock. The journey would take about one hour. That day we did not have to wear our school uniforms. This made the event even more exciting.             By half past nine all of us had gathered in the school compound. The teachers had brought out all the things that we would need. The pots and pans, firewood and food were in a pile. Suddenly everybody began to cheer. I looked around to see what had happened. The two buses that were to take us to the picnic spot had arrived. We were made to line up and then we got on to the buses. When everything had been put in we set off.             The buses were in good condition and we had a smooth journey. On the way we sang songs until our throats were dry. Some even attempted to dance. At a little before ten we reached Bajra Barahi. We got off the buses and went to the picnic spot. After everything had been settled we were...
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