Head Start Observation

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Bayta Detrick
Head Start Observation

Name of Center: Early Childhood Center Lyle School
Date and Time of observation: April 7, 2012. 12:00P.M – 3:00 P.M

1. Education:
What type of activities were the children engaged in during your visit? The Head Start center I observe is a half-day program. The activities I observe were: children arrival and drop off at school, circle time, reading time, lunch and snacks, free play, gym time, teeth brush, and children getting ready to go home.

Describe in detail what the children were doing.
The children got drop off at school, and one-by-one, start to get on the line to walk into their classroom. At the classroom, each child took his coat off and put it away with their bag pack on their cubby. When finish each child look on a table for his or her file and it wrote his/her name. The children proceed to wash their hand and set on the circle time area for circle time. At circle time the teacher asks each child about their weekend, and one-by-one describe all the activities they did. They sing and play respect to the flag, went over the calendar, the weather, and assigned the duties of each child for the week. After circle time the children wash their hands and start to get ready for lunch, the children who have to help this week on lunch and snack went to the kitchen with the teacher and help brought the lunch, and set up the table. The children and teacher set at the tables and eat lunch. The children have the opportunity to decide what and how much to eat. When they finish the children wash their hands and the teacher told them it was going to be reading time. Each child went to the reading area of the classroom and choose a book to read, each child choose were to set to read. The class went to the gym to play because it was a raining day and they can go to play outside. The teacher provides the children with tricycles, and balls, so they can play, some children play basketball, others soccer, some drove the tricycles, and others just ran all over the gym. When the brake was over the class went back to their classroom, wash their hands and have free time, some children choose to do some dramatic play, especially the girls they dress up and pretend to be in a grocery store, some boys went to the computer area, and work on special programs designed for their learning, other children work on puzzles, the art area, and the sand box. When free time was over the children clean up and set on circle time, they sang and dance, and got ready for snack. They all eat snack and when finish, they wash there hands and brush their teeth. At the end of the day the children set at circle time and the teacher talk about the day and say good bye. The children got there bag pack and coats from there cubbies, and they make a line and walk outside were their parents were waiting for them.

Did anything remind you of the High Scope curriculum?
Yes, the teacher is influence by the High Scope curriculum. This month the class has work on Dinosaurs because a child brought a book about Dinosaurs to the class. The book was given to her for her the birthday and she wanted to share it with the class. The children and teacher select different topics to investigate. Children discuss existing ideas and information on the subject. The teacher explained me that: “in each topic she needs to include language and literacy, mathematical, and scientific thinking, physical, social and emotional and creative aesthetic expression”. And that is important for a Teacher set the stage for learning through a carefully planned physical environment and consistent daily routine. Within this structure, children are secure and self-reliant learners. The centerpiece of the day is High Scope’s unique plan-do-review process, in which each child has a daily opportunity to make and carry out a plan and then reflect on what happened.

Are the activities developmentally appropriate? Give examples. Yes, the...
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