Topics: Mental disorder, Gender identity, Psychiatry Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Colin Wheeler
Scholinski Trading Card

The memoir The Last Time I Wore a Dress” by Daphne Scholinski was incredibly disturbing to me. I always knew how the social society has discriminated against the gender queer community but I had no idea that the medical community did it as well. It’s saddening to see Daphne’s parents send her away to a mental hospital just because she doesn’t do well in school, she acts out, and she isn’t feminine enough. If that were a reality today, then so many teenagers would be sent to a mental hospital. What I also find ridiculous is how this “mental health facility” has the audacity to diagnose someone with such a ridiculous disorder as “Gender Identity Disorder” in such a demeaning way. I don’t even believe that GID is even a real disorder…I think it’s just a made up term that these people at this mental hospital made up for people who aren’t “normal” or “comfortable” with their gender…it’s not a mental disorder at all. These doctors and nurses put these gender queer people in the same area as the schizophrenics and other actually mentally unstable people (who can actually cause harm to themselves and the public). And I personally believe that her home life and life issues have made her the unstable person that her parents claim her to be, a big reason is how many times she’s been abused…mentally, physically, and sexually. I wouldn’t be the best teen I could be too if I had to deal with that my whole life. I thought it was interesting how she wanted to be seen as an addict when moving to the other institution because she believed that drug abuse and alcoholism is a “disease” and that it’s not her “fault”. Its sad that she thinks this way now because of how the doctors personally attacked her and always said it was her fault she was there in the first place. But, to Daphne, when you’re at rehab they care about you and your well being so she craved that. But in the end she realized that her life was just a huge lie and she was lying...
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