"The Last Time I Wore a Dress" School Paper

Topics: Gender, Homosexuality, Gender identity Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: August 24, 2010
The Last Time I Wore a Dress

“The Last Time I Wore a Dress,” is not exactly an easy to read book. The story line is confusing. The character doesn’t always know what she wants. The word usage is sometimes awkward. Though, even through all of that, you can still feel exactly was Daphne is feeling. She knows that she is a girl. She doesn’t even have a hard time grasping that. She just doesn’t want to act like a stereotypical girl who wears make-up and shorts skirts and skimpy tank tops. I personally know lots of girls who act and dress like Daphne and they all know that they are girls and do not need a mental hospital to tell them that. Neither does Daphne. When I read this book, I almost cried at how unintelligent the people in the story were that sent her to a mental facility. They didn’t realize that Daphne didn’t need to be there. She was perfectly fine in the way that she regarded her gender before she went to a mental hospital. The million dollars that were spent for her treatment did not change her. Something that was particularly frustrating was the point when Daphne was not able to spend time with her friend Valerie because the doctors and nurses thought that they were involved physically with each other when they were clearly not. It was only Valerie, though, and not her friend Denise, which did not make sense to me. In order for their treatment to be effective, they have to be very consistent with the way that they treat the patients, like either letting her, or not letting her spend time with female company. I did enjoy the book, though, even if I did feel indigent at how Daphne was treated. Everything except after she left her treatment facilities and could be herself. Despite how frustrated I often felt during the book, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed thinking about how different times are now and how something like that would hopefully not be hospitalized. I also enjoyed reading about Daphne’s feelings and how she reacted to everything that happened to...
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