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black psychology

By rsamone Feb 05, 2015 751 Words

Chapter 2: Anti-Gay Stereotypes by Richard D. Mohr
Raven Tyler
Black psychology M/F 11:00-12:20

In this article Anti-Gay stereotype gives an in-dept. look at the various issues that homosexual men and women encounter on a daily basis. It emphasizes on the ignorance of homosexual stereotypes and how these numerous misconceived notions subsidize to the violence, misunderstanding, and prejudice towards the gay community. In relation to Richard’s Mohr perspective on the status of homosexuality in today’s society, I have to agree 100%. I feel as though Mr. Mohr drew decisions based on logical reason and reliable facts within the discriminatory history of homosexuality. Richard Mohr declares that homosexuality isn’t as unknown or rare as the society would like one to think, rather, it’s a common practice. One spiking piece of information which Richard list to support his argument was that a Gallup poll showed only 1 in 5 Americans reported having a gay acquaintance as opposed to Alfred Kinsley’s 1948 study on the sex lives of 5,000 white men, which showed that 79% of these people have had various homosexual experiences. The unit in which the 1948 and 1985 studies differ could be greatly derived from one’s incapability and fear to accept his/her sexuality because of the narrow societal standpoint on the subject matter. Moreover Mr. Mohr gives details on America’s “profound” ignorance of the actual gay experience. With the limited discussion of homosexuality, there are still those that have strong feelings toward gay men and women, often the feelings stemming from stereotypes that have formed around gay people. In support of his arguments, Richard described how gender identification stereotypes come into play with tags such as “Bull dikes and diesel dikes” for lesbian women demonstrating the quality of men and “queens, fairies, limp wrists, and nellies” for men who want to be or act like a women. The stereotypes make a ridicule of gay people, and turn them into the laughing stock of invasive jokes. In addition, Richard citied countless examples of homosexual stereotypes through labels such as crazed, child molesters, sinister, corruptive threats, and civilization destroyers. These classification support Mohr’s proclamation of America’s ignorance in regards to the gay experience. False generalization help maintain stereotypes, they don’t form them. Serving as “social constructions that perform central functions in maintaining society conception of itself. The author stated, the stereotype of gay people being child molesters functions as fall sheen of innocence in families. While heterosexuals have proven to be a child molester, to a greater extent, the stereotypes of gay men being sex crazed psychopaths is used to repress the sexual drives, Painting gay people as deviants that act out simply for sexual gratification. The discrimination against gays goes unreported, even with their subject to violence based solely off their sexual orientation and not their actions. More than 1 in 5 gay men, 1 in 10 lesbians has been punched hit or kicked, while a quarter of all gays had objects thrown at them. The most extreme form being queer, where a group of men beat and occasionally kill other men they believe is gay. First and foremost I think acts like these are disgusting and there is no place in society for them. However, in this case with so many of the issues Mohr have discussed, I believe that acts of violence against others simply because they have a different opinion and mindset of what they perceive to be socially acceptable. Mohr makes a valid point about stereotypes and how they are culturally rooted; as individuals we have grown up in a culture that preaches what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior, and clearly being a homosexual isn’t an acceptable lifestyle choice. Personally, I don’t have a problem with homosexuals because they don’t impact my life in a way that is threatening or harmful. On the flip side, for a homosexual, specifically a male, to come out and announce he is gay knowing that the repercussions for this could in fact result in violent acts directed towards him is scary. Jeremiah 8:7 says “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Everybody is not going to understand why homosexual took the path they did but everybody is different. As long as god accepts them for who they are that’s all that matter.

Race, Class, and Gender Book chapter 2: Anti-Gay and Stereotypes by Richard Mohr page585-591; The sad side of stereotype by Brian Pullyblank; June 15,2010

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