Scenario List

Topics: Marketing, Management, Quality assurance Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Select a scenario from the list.
1. As a partner in a new business, one of your roles is to review information technology tools available to assist you in a certain aspect of your business (e.g., marketing, accounting, sales, quality assurance). Evaluate technologies that have emerged within the last five years and consider their potential impact on your business. Determine whether or not you will adopt any of these technologies. 2. As a member of the human resources department in a manufacturing organization with 120 employees, you have been asked to evaluate different compensation strategies that are available for adoption within your organization. Compare and contrast at least three compensation strategies and determine recommendations for how they may be implemented within your organization. 3. You are a CPA in a public accounting firm. Your firm has been hired by XYZ corporation, a publicly traded, multinational corporation to assess how the implementation of the International Accounting Standards (IAS) will affect the financial reporting of XYZ corporation. Your job is not only to assess the impact of the IAS on financial reporting but to provide recommendations to the XYZ corporation for adhering to these standards. 4. Your company wants to enter into a major new venture (e.g., develop a new product line, establish a new market, create a presence in a new geographical area). You will make realistic assumptions about the assets, liabilities, revenues, operational expenses, and credit history of your company. You should discuss the elements that need to be considered when starting a new venture such as financing, marketing, production, etc., and recommend how this venture will be implemented within the company. 5. You are employed by a firm that produces tangible products and is consistently beaten in the competitive marketplace by foreign firms that are able to produce higher quality products at a lower cost. Your manager has asked you to evaluate at least...
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