Save Our Tigers

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Sri Priya Narayanan “SAVE OUR TIGERS”
It’s true that starting from the Indian cricket team captain Dhoni to the famous South Indian actor Surya, popular persons have appeared on the television screens-not for a movie or an advertisement this time but to raise the voice for a very significant concern. “Only 1411 tigers left in our tigers”
A tiger on the whole is not just an untamed animal with enigmatic fur or an icon of fierceness. The elimination of tigers from the environment can have a very serious effect on the food chains. It would disrupt the balance of an ecosystem because tigers keep a control over the plant eating animals (herbivores). A simple example, without tigers feeding on the herbivores, meadows will be scraped off! This will surely disturb the vegetative ecosystem.
Nevertheless, what can one do sitting at home? With a hectic schedule people now-a-days don’t have time even for proper food and sleep. So why bother about tigers? But, as the saying goes, little drops of water makes a mighty ocean: even the simplest things count.
Let us start from the beginning: save the vegetation –results in more herbivores; and of course more food for the tigers. Plant trees-yes it might sound funny; (how in the world will I stop the tigers from dying if I plant a tree in my garden). However, it does help. Plants cut down the air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Pollution is also one of the root causes of extinction of tigers or their prey. Furthermore, at least turn off your car or bike if you are halting in a place for more than a couple of minutes because that as well lends a hand in cutting down the air pollution.
Get involved youth! If you make time; Google out the “causes of endangerment and extinction of tigers”. Learn more by reading blogs and articles. Create posters on this topic in schools and colleges. Let the young ones be informed because knowledge helps to protect. Try to make a public awareness program

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