Saturation Essay

Topics: La Mirada, California, Biola University, Chair Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: November 5, 2014
D. Sprowl
English 112
5 October 2014
Midnight Faith
When walking across Biola University’s campus, a major attraction is the Flour Fountain of Faith. When I first visited the campus it definitely caught my eye because of its beautiful colors and soothing sound. Since my time attending Biola, I have discovered that the best time to sit next to the Flour Fountain is at night. As I sit at the metal tables, I take out my Bible and begin reading the book of Exodus in order to complete my Old Testament worksheets. Biola students are all aware of the infamous Professor Talley Old Testament worksheets, and I have just begun mine.

That night, the La Mirada weather was cool and a relief from the smoldering hot temperatures of the day time. As I began to work on my assignment, I occasionally glanced around me. The sky was pitch black with glistening stars that looked like fireflies. Groups of people walked by, school books in one hand and Bibles in the other. As I continued to drift off into my own thoughts, I suddenly noticed a boy and a girl sitting next to the fountain with their feet up against the barrier of the pool of water. I was intrigued by their in-depth conversation of faith, life, and heartache. At the end of their conversation, the boy prayed for the girl and they parted ways. I sat in my chair in awe of how amazing my fellow peers were. Every twenty minutes of doing work I would take a break and relax. I could smell the scents of my sweet freshly baked cookie and coffee from Commons. I picked up my cookie and 

could feel the soft dough and chocolate in my hands. I took short sips of my coffee to ensure that it lasted me the duration of my time studying. The creamy and sweet caramel overjoyed my mouth. I sat there thinking about how blessed and lucky I was, that the beautiful scenery and essences of Biola were now my home. I once again took out my folder and began working. While continuing my work, I decided to turn on...
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